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Question and Answer Section.
If your question is not answered below, please call 207-943-2511.

Q. I have never bear hunted before. How do I know what to do?
A. Troy holds a group discussion by camp fire on Sunday. He will discuss bear hunting 101 and he will answer any questions. Also, Troy and the other guides are available any time to answer questions.

Q. Hunting bear in Maine in the Spring???
A. While spring bear hunting is not allowed in the state of Maine, it is allowed on Penobscot Nation territories. The Penobscot Nation started a spring bear hunt in 2009. We work with Penobscot Guides, Joe Dana and John Neptune, who are two of the more experienced tribal bear guides and offer 12 years of combined experience of guiding bear hunters. The hunt is held on Penobscot territory. We have the opportunity to hunt exclusively on close to 50,000 acres. The Penobscot Nation issues a limited number of bear tags for the spring hunt.

Q. How many bait sites do you maintain?
A. Between the spring and fall seasons, we maintain close to 100 bait sites. We hunt a different line each week and never hunt the same line in the same season.

Q. Is there a trophy fee?
A. There are no hidden fees, nor is there a fee for the size of the bear harvested.

Q. When do hunters go to tree stands?
A. Hunters are taken to their stands in the afternoon. We begin picking up hunters at dark.

Q. How long is the tree stand?
A. The stands are 15 feet custom-made steel tree stands. Each hunter is provided with a shooting board. The seats have backs and are comfortable but you may want to bring a seat cushion for added comfort. Also, be sure to bring a safety harness.

Q. Are ground blinds provided?
A. Ground blinds can be provided for hunters. Please let Troy know at the time of booking if you need to hunt from a ground blind, as we have limited sites that can accommodate ground blinds.

Q. Do you provide bear hunting with dogs?
A. Please call Troy (207-943-2511) to discuss the availability.

Q. Do I need a fishing license to fish in the pond at camp?
A. No, this is a private pond so a state fishing license is not necessary.

Q. Can I go turkey hunting when I’m there for the spring bear hunt?
A. Yes, as long as it’s turkey season. Bear hunters are in their tree stands in the afternoon so the mornings are available to turkey hunt, fish or any other activity.

Q. How do I obtain a moose license?
A. Moose permits are awarded to Maine residents and non-residents through a lottery from the state. If you are a lucky recipient of a moose permit, Troy can guide your hunt and provide lodging at one of our camps.

Q. When are your camps available for rental?
A. Camps are available to rent any time during the year. We have camps scattered throughout Maine. Some are remote camps; some have modern amenities. Book a stay to relax, fish, snowmobile or hunt. Families are welcome.

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